Used Automobile Parts
Used Automobile Parts

The Name Game
Used Automobile Parts wine: no actual auto parts included.
John, I got good news and I got bad news. The good news is the Used Automobile Parts have arrived. The bad news is, it’s not actually auto parts. It’s a bunch of vintage 2005 wine.
“What? Well, get 'em on the phone! They made a mistake!”
No, that’s just the thing. It was our mistake. The wine is called Used Automobile Parts.
“Why would someone name a wine that?”
They probably thought it was funny or something.
“Yeah, maybe for them, but not for us. We got an auto garage to run here, for crying out loud!”
What do you wanna do, John?
“I don’t know! I just don’t know!”
Okay, calm down. What do you say we open a bottle and ponder on a solution?
“Hm, that might not be such a bad idea…”
“Aw jeez! How’d we let two entire hours go by?”
I guess we just got lost in the enticing aromas of intense cassis, black cherry, licorice, and integrated Tahitian vanilla.
“See, what did it for me was more the flavors of supple, ripe plum, boysenberry, blackberry, and sweet leather flavors, followed by notes of fresh tobacco, Belgian chocolate, and roasted coffee. But, oh no! Now we’re two hours behind on our work, and we have no parts!”
We better have some more wine and figure it out.
“Great idea!”
“Wow! That sure is a nice long finish on this.”
Did you get the hints of subtle, sumptuous French Oak? Because I sure did.
“Wait, what time is it?”
Three in the afternoon.
“Ugh! It happened again! And we’ve come no closer to finding a solution to our predicament!”
Here, have some more wine, and this time, we’ll really put our heads down and figure this out.
Wow. This Used Automobile Parts stuff is great.
“Is the sun setting? Boy, we must have stayed late without even noticing.”
What a long, stressful day!
“Tell me about it!”
What do you say we have a glass of wine? You know, to wind down.
“Sounds great!” 
2005 Used Automobile Parts 3-Pack

pH: 3.42   
TA: 0.69 mg/L   
Alcohol: 14.9 %
Blend: 65% Cabernet Sauvignon, 14% Petite Verdot, 13% Malbec, 5% Merlot and 3% Cabernet Franc.
Appellation: 100% Napa Valley
Case Production: 1550 cases packaged in six-bottle packs (775 case equivalents)

The 2005 vintage is a dark carnelian red in the glass, with enticing aromas of intense cassis, black cherry, licorice and integrated Tahitian vanilla. The palate unfolds with equal intensity, flooding the mouth with supple, ripe Plum, Boysenberry, Blackberry and sweet leather flavors, followed by notes of fresh tobacco, Belgian Chocolate and Roasted Coffee. It concludes with a long finish, dappled with hints of subtle, sumptuous French Oak.
Due to wine’s depth, concentration and balanced acidity, this wine is definitely a cellar candidate, which will age well for 15 – 25 years if stored properly. This is what is classified as a cult wine due to the quality and scarcity.
Try this cuvée with Venison Tenderloin with a hoisin glaze and stir-fried shiitake mushrooms in a wasabi beurre blanc, a Porterhouse steak with twice-baked potatoes, stuffed with either caramelized sweet onions and smoked bacon, or pecan cornbread stuffing infused with truffle oil and served with French sautéed green beans.

Used Automobile Parts $99.99

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