Jason-Stephens Estate Zinfandel
Jason-Stephens Estate Zinfandel

I just want a drink.
I don’t need all this pressure to perform.
Have you ever looked into this 2008 Jason-Stephens Estate Zinfandel 3-Pack? Specifically, the winery. It’s nuts! The guy just graduated from Cal Poly SLO and decided to become a winemaker. He pretty much took on the challenge by himself, too! I mean, his family helped, but he put in all the sweat equity.
Who the hell does he think he is? I’m not looking for a guilt trip over all the stuff I’ve failed to accomplish in my life, Jason. I just want a glass of wine. So stop putting your inspirational story out there to embarrass me. Imagine if I were trying to woo an object of my affection and seduce her with flavors like bright red raspberry, cherry, and strawberry flavors but instead she wants to talk about how “Jason did this” and “Jason accomplished that” and “You’ve got to start doing SOMETHING with your life.”
Look, Jason. You stick to the wine, okay? I’ll handle the feeling bad about my inadequacies just fine on my own, thank you very much.
2008 Jason-Stephens Estate Zinfandel, Santa Clara Valley 3-Pack

Varietal Composition: 95% Zinfandel, 4% Cabernet  Sauvignon,1% Syrah
Residual Sugar: 2.75g/l
Alcohol: 16.8%
pH: 3.56
Total Acidity: 0.765
Aging: 36 months – Extended French/American Oak
Cases Produced: 1,800
Bottling Date: February 28, 2011

Jason-Stephens’ Estate Zinfandel is bringing fun back to Zin. Although their goal is to make the best possible wine in each of their wines, with this Zin they strive to also make it unique and enjoyable. This Zinfandel swings away from what is now California’s more typical raisin styled flavors.  Darker than most Zinfandels, this wine surprises the palate with a mouthful of bright red fruit like strawberries, cherry, and raspberries. With a beautiful balance of acidity, tannins, and sweetness this wine really fills the body of the wine out and entices.


Jason-Stephens Estate Zinfandel $47.99

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