Muscardini Cellars Mix 2+1 Pack
Muscardini Cellars Mix 2+1 Pack
Somewhere, in a dark and smoky room in Washington DC…
Just what are they serving at those super committee meetings, anyway?
Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve convened here to address our nation’s deepening debt crisis. Now I know we’ve stood across the aisle from each other on several issues in the past, but this is one in which we must not let party politics interfere. The nation needs us. The world needs us. And we-
“Hey, the caterers are here.”
Oh for cryin- Does that really need to be announced, Jeb? Right in the middle of my address, too? C’mon, man.
“Just sayin’. We should break for lunch.”
Lunch? We haven’t even started!
“Hey, maybe Jeb’s right. They brought us a Muscardini Cellars Mix 2+1 Pack. It’s got a bottle of 2010 Rosato di Sangiovese and two bottles of 2008 Tesoro Red Blend.”
Jeez, Patty, it’s not even noon. Come on, guys, FOCUS!
“Focus you. I’m crackin’ open this wine.”
Hey! Come on, now! Fine. Okay, whatever. Everybody get a glass and then we’ll get started. Okay. On to business…wow. That’s delicious. The caterers brought this stuff in?
“Spared no expense.”
“And they’re just gonna bring another one in tomorrow.”
“Hell yeah. We’re ridin’ the taxpayer gravy train, my friend.”
For as long as we’re here?
Okay, here’s the deal. We take as long as we possibly can before announcing we can’t agree, then we try to get another super committee put together and do this whole thing over again. Got it?
“We’re out of Sangiovese.”
Dammit, Jeb!
2008 Tesoro (Treasure) Proprietary Red Blend, Sonoma Valley

Winemaker: Michael Muscardini
Cases Produced: 614
Blend: Sangiovese 44%, Cabernet Sauvignon 30%, Syrah 26%
Bottled: Aug 27, 2009
pH: 3.60
Alcohol: 14.89%


All three vineyards for Muscardini Cellars' Tesoro lie in the Sonoma Valley.  This graceful, authentic blend was made in a Super Tuscan style.  Enjoy the elegant, floral cassis nose with dark chewies. Savor the vibrant red and black currants, dark chocolate and a hint of herbs. The finish is gracefully balanced with velvety tannins. A great, food friendly wine.
2010 Rosato di Sangiovese, Monte Rosso Vineyard, Sonoma Valley

Cases Produced: 245
Bottled: February 7, 2011
pH: 3.45
Alcohol: 23.5%

This special Rosato di Sangiovese comes from the famous Monte Rosso Vineyard, high on a hill overlooking the Valley of the Moon.
Floral bouquet of strawberry, melon and roses, with a refreshing grapefruit finish. Please enjoy well chilled on a warm summer day with family and friends.

Muscardini Cellars Mix 2+1 Pack $59.99

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